Frequently Asked Questions
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F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is NuOrder?
F.A.Q. - Release Notes
F.A.Q. - What are Price Lists?
F.A.Q. - What is a Custom Payment Type?
F.A.Q. - What is a Tax Jurisdiction?
F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is Accumula?
F.A.Q. - Is A Router the same thing as a Modem?
F.A.Q. - What is a Sales Plan?
F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is DAVO?
F.A.Q. - What is a Grid?
F.A.Q. - What is Shipping?
How to return a Gift Card
F.A.Q. - What is the purpose of the Swatch feature in the Heartland Retail POS software?
F.A.Q - Integrations - What is Hyperspace?
F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is JOOR?
F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is Marsello?
F.A.Q. - What is a Network Switch?
Getting Started Guide and Checklist
F.A.Q. - What is Inventory?
F.A.Q. - What is a Custom Field?
F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is ReadySet Retail?
F.A.Q - What is a Reason Code?
F.A.Q. - What is the Customer Dashboard?
F.A.Q. - What is Branding?
F.A.Q - What is a Router?
How do you handle privacy?
F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is QuickBooks Online?
Which web browsers does Heartland Retail support?
F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is Management One?
How to know if you're running Windows 32-bit or 64-bit
F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is MailChimp?
Can I track the check number, license number and date of birth for check payments?
F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is EasyPost?
Does Heartland Retail have an end of day (z-out or x-out) report? Is this the Daily Summary?
F.A.Q. - Integrations - What is 99Minds?
Where is my data and how can I get access to it?
How to prevent long receipts from being cut off on Windows
The Financial page says that account configuration is missing, but it looks like everything is mapped correctly. What's wrong?
Should I use a LAN printer or USB printer?
What happens if I lose internet access?
What should I consider when choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
Can I apply a disabled item to a transaction?
How do I update my current on hand quantities when transitioning to Heartland Retail?
Does Heartland Retail offer a time clock feature?
If I have multiple stores with different names using the same Heartland Retail account, can they have different logos on the receipts?
Did my return payment go through, if the ticket is incomplete?
I can't find a ticket that corresponds to a credit card payment
Recommended store layout for iPad-compatible receipt printers
How do I clear out bin locations?
Receipt Addresses / Multiple Addresses / Duplicate Addresses
I just purchased a Basic Data Migration, what do I do next?
I just purchased an Advanced Data Migration, what do I do next?
How can I set up an employee discount?
Do I have the ability to input the dollar value at the time of purchase?
How do I access a report from the API