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Should I use a LAN printer or USB printer?
Should I use a LAN printer or USB printer?
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We recommend using a LAN printer as it is more convenient, easier to set up, and does not require any physical connection to your POS. It works seamlessly with Heartland Retail Connect and is very reliable.

The LAN printer will plug directly into your router or switch using an ethernet cable and allow you to print from any device on the network. For most users, a LAN printer is the ideal device. It will allow you to print from each of your POS devices without the need to plug anything directly to the POS. It is also important to note that iPad's and most other tablets do not have a USB port so they require a LAN printer. However with Heartland Retail, you are not required to print a receipt as you can email a copy instead.

Alternatively, USB printers connect directly to one single device and must be plugged in to print using an A-male to B-male usb cable. We only recommend using USB printers if you already own the hardware and would like to continue using it as it requires each POS to have its own printer plugged in at all times.

For more information about configuring a LAN printer see this article: Setting up your Star TSP100 printer and APG Vasario cash drawer on Windows or Mac OSX

For hardware recommendations for Mac or PC please see this article: Recommended POS Mac/PC Based Hardware Setup

For hardware recommendations for iOS please see this article: Recommended POS iPad-based Hardware Setup

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