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Configuring your MagTek Mini USB card reader for Vantiv (formerly Mercury).
Configuring your MagTek Mini USB card reader for Vantiv (formerly Mercury).
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Your credit card swipe may need to be reconfigured to send over the track data in the correct format for Vantiv to read. This guide should only be used if you are using a MagTek Mini USB card reader and received an error when swiping all credit cards in Heartland Retail.

1. Install the card programming software

You will need special software to program your MagTek Mini USB card reader. MagTek currently only makes configuration software for Windows so you will not be able to install this on Mac OSX.

Download the MagTek configuration utility here. After the file has downloaded, open it to install the software onto your computer.

2. Download the configuration file

You can download the text configuration file for your card reader here.

3. Program the card reader

1) Open the program that was installed during step 1 called USBMSR Demo.

2) You will see a button that says Load, click that and select the downloaded configuration file from step 2.

3) Once the file has been selected and you can see configured device for Vantiv in the window, you can click the Download button to send the configuration to your device. Once the download completes, it should say finished and your card reader will reboot.

After the download has been completed, you are ready to use your card swipe.

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