The Clover Mini can be used with Heartland Retail as a payment device. The Clover Mini must be used in conjunction with another POS device like the iPad or a Mac/PC.

Once you have a Clover Mini, follow these steps to connect and use it with Heartland Retail. Note that the Clover Mini does NOT require the use of Heartland Retail Connect.

Enable the Clover gateway

  1. In Heartland Retail, navigate to Settings in the top navigation menu and click "Credit Cards" on the left menu bar. Click on the location where you'd like to use the Clover Mini.

2. Click the "Add Gateway" button.

3. Click the "Choose" link that appears next to the Clover logo, as shown below:

4. Click the "Connect" button on the popup, as shown below:

5. After clicking the "Connect" button, you will be redirected to where you will be prompted to enter your username and password. An email should have been sent to the email you provided to set up the clover account. With the set up of that clover account, you should have been given a Clover account username and password. If you don't believe you received this account set up email and you need the username and password, you can contact Clover support directly at : 844-864-5450. When you call you will need your merchant id to authenticate your account. 

6. If you have only have one location, you will be quickly redirected back to Heartland Retail and you will see the screen below. If you have more than one location and more than one merchant account with Clover, you will be prompted on to select the merchant account for the location you are setting up. Once you confirm, you will be redirected back to Heartland Retail and you will see the screen below.

Congratulations! You have enabled your Clover Mini in this location.

The Clover Mini needs to be configured via the use of wifi or ethernet. Heartland Retail does not support a USB connection. Therefore, the Clover Mini should not be directly plugged into your computer.

Install the Cloud Pay Display app on the Clover Mini

1. On the Clover Mini, navigate to the App Market icon and click on it.

2. In the App Market, search for and install "Cloud Pay Display" app, as shown below:

Note: you must be logged in to the Clover Mini with admin permissions to be able to install the app from the app market. If you don't see the "App Market" app, it's because you are logged in as a user without sufficient permissions.

3. Once you have installed the app, you will see it in the list of apps on your Clover Mini:

4. Click on the "Cloud Pay Display" app to launch the app. You will see the screen, shown below:

The screen shown above shows you how to exit the Cloud Pay Display app while it is running. Once you click "Got it," you will see this screen:

It will say your store name instead of "Heartland Retail." In order to accept payments from Heartland Retail, this app needs to be running.

Connecting the Clover Mini in Heartland Retail's POS

1. In Heartland Retail, navigate to Point of Sale.

2. In the POS left menu, click the "Settings" link.

3. Click the dropdown in the "Payment Device" section and you will see your Clover Mini, as shown below:

4. Select the Clover Mini in the dropdown and then close the popup.

Note: If you don't see your Clover Mini show up in the dropdown, it is most likely a problem with the configuration on the Clover Mini itself. Make sure that the device you are trying to connect is associated with the account you connected to Heartland Retail. You may need to contact Clover support to confirm this. The merchant id (MID) number on the device needs to match the device number in the account.

If you need any help with the Clover device set up (outside of what is done in Heartland Retail) or use of the device,  you can contact Clover Support directly at 844-864-5450. When you call you will need your merchant id to authenticate your account. Clover support can answer any questions about your Clover device - including set up, using the device, and any other technical advice about the device. 

Congratulations! You are now ready to use the Clover Mini with Heartland Retail.

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