How do I contact Dejavoo?
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You can contact Dejavoo's support line by calling the phone number 1-877-DJVOSYS (358-6797). Press 2 for technical support. You can also email Dejavoo support at

Dejavoo offers a "one-stop" support line for all your needs related to your Dejavoo device. By calling this one number you will be provided with support for everything from device set up, device messaging, wifi versus ethernet device programming, auto versus manual batching, processing related issues, and/or setting issues with your device.

When you contact Dejavoo, have the model number and the serial number (also called the TPN, or Terminal Profile Number, which can be found from the back of the device) in hand. Having this number available will speed up the support process.

You can also find help, including support and training manuals for your device, at The manuals provide you with step by step guides in areas such as how to change the settings on a device and how to key in a credit card number.

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