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How to automatically resolve an "unresolved payment" in the POS.
How to automatically resolve an "unresolved payment" in the POS.

For customers processing with Vantiv EMV, Blackline eConduit and Clover Mini.

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Important: Automatic payment resolution must be run from the same selling station and processing device that was used to process the original transaction.
When a communication failure happens between a credit card processing terminal (like a Dejavoo, PAX or Clover terminal) and Heartland Retail during a POS transaction, you may see a "Credit Card (awaiting details)" payment. These payments are in an unknown state -- they represent that the system is unsure of whether or not the payment was actually taken.

When a payment is in this state, we flag the ticket as a payment exception and provide you a link to "Resolve" it, as shown below in the orange bar:

When you click the "Resolve" link in the orange, as shown above, you see this popup window:

The "Check Payment" button will help you determine if the payment was successfully taken. During this process, we ensure that no duplicate payments are created. If we determine that the payment was successfully taken, we will pull down the payment information into the POS ticket and allow you to complete the ticket without swiping or inserting the card again. If we determine that the payment was not successfully taken, we will prompt you to try to take the payment again in another popup window.

If you have any questions about this or any trouble resolving payments, please let us know.

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