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eConduit: Connecting your credit card terminal to Heartland Retail
eConduit: Connecting your credit card terminal to Heartland Retail

This will apply to terminals like the Pax S300 or the Dejavoo Z9 supplied by eConduit

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If you are using eConduit as your payment gateway, setting up your new credit card processing hardware with Heartland Retail can be completed in a few easy steps.

What you will need to do:

  • Make sure your device is plugged in to a power source and is connected to your store's network, either via ethernet cable or wifi.

  • Locate the serial number on the back of the device.

Activating eConduit in your Heartland Retail account:

In order to start processing transactions with eConduit, you need to activate it in your account.

1. Login to your Heartland Retail account and go to Settings > Credit Cards > Location in which you are using your new device.

2. Click on "Add Gateway" button:

3. Click the "Choose" link under the eConduit logo:

4. Next, click the "Enable" button on the following popup.

Syncing your Device

1. In the Point of Sale left menu, click the "Settings" link as shown below.

2. In the Settings popup, click the "Pair an eConduit terminal" option in the "Payment Devices" dropdown.

3. You may be asked to confirm your contact information as shown below.

4. Next, you will be prompted to enter the device serial number. This serial number is located on the back of your device.

5. Your POS will prompt you to confirm a test transaction on your device. If you see the transaction on the terminal, click the "Yes" button. (You will then need to cancel the transaction on the device by clicking the physical red button on the device.)

Upon successfully connecting your terminal, you will see this screen:

Congratulations, you are now ready to process credit cards with eConduit and your new payment device.

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