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How to create a simple "Best Sellers" report
How to create a simple "Best Sellers" report
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It's useful to know at a glance what your best selling items are, and Heartland Retail's reporting feature makes it easy. Here's how to build a simple report that will show your best-sellers over time.

First, go to Reporting --> Analysis to start a new report. Then set the following report parameters:

  • Filters:

  • Date: Set this to whatever time period you want to see, for instance, Year to Date.

  • Groups:

  • Item >> Description

  • Metrics:

  • Source Sales >> Net Sales

  • Source Sales >> Net Qty Sold

  • Sort:

  • Source Sales >> Net Sales >> Descending

Now you have a report of item sales over your specified time period. The best sellers are at the top! To see your worst performing items, change the sort order to Ascending. You can also modify this report to include other metrics, like Gross Sales. Or report on categories instead of individual items by changing your selection under Groups.

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