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How to handle printed and email customer receipts with the Clover Mini
How to handle printed and email customer receipts with the Clover Mini
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Once you have followed this guide and connected your Clover Mini terminal to Heartland Retail, you will be ready to accept payments. However, there are some default settings on the Clover Mini that need to be adjusted to ensure that receipt printing and emailed receipts are sent in the right way.

By default, after you have taken a payment on the Clover Mini, you will see a screen that looks like this:

The problem is that these buttons ('Print' and 'Email') are not linked to Heartland Retail and will only send a payment receipt to the customer. The receipts will not be itemized and will not include your branding.

While the Clover Mini has a built-in receipt printer, we do not recommend that you use it as the primary receipt printer in your store. The receipts that print from the Clover Mini are smaller than the average receipt and do not cut automatically. The receipts do not contain itemized transaction information, the customer's name or the Heartland Retail ticket number, which may confuse customers attempting to make a return in the future. You will need to use another receipt printer (we recommend the Star TSP 100 printers) with your Clover Mini and disable the receipt printing on the Clover Mini.

Additionally, the Clover Mini's email receipt function is not linked to Heartland Retail. Emails entered directly on the Clover will not be saved in Heartland Retail. We also encourage sales reps to collect information from customers rather than have customers enter their information directly because it will result in a higher collection rate. Once the sales rep has collected the customer information, they will be prompted to email a receipt to the customer, in Heartland Retail, at the end of the transaction. Heartland Retail's email receipt template is customizable and will include your branding. Clover's default email receipt function will only send a payment receipt, will not include itemized transaction information, the customer name or the Heartland Retail ticket #. You will want to exclusively use Heartland Retail for email receipts. To find out more about how to setup email receipts in Heartland Retail check out this article

To change the settings and ensure that all printed and emailed receipts go through Heartland Retail and not the Clover Mini please follow the guide below:

  1. Close out of the Cloud Pay Display app by touching all four corners of the Clover Mini screen simultaneously.

  2. Then click the lock icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Enter the 4 digit pin you specified during the setup process. This will unlock the admin options on the device.

  3. You should now see a Setup app with a wrench and screwdriver icon on the Clover Mini apps list. Click into that, then navigate to the Payment Receipts tab.

  4. Finally, select the check box next to Automatically print customer receipt after each order and Skip receipt screen & begin next transaction.

If you followed the steps correctly the setup page should look like this:

Though it's a little counter-intuitive based on the description in the checkbox, these settings will ensure that when a payment is taken on the Clover Mini, the customer will not be prompted to print or email a receipt on the Clover Mini. This will give the sales reps control to print or email receipts from Heartland Retail. 

Once you've confirmed that the Payment Receipts page looks like the one above you can back out to the home screen and click back into Cloud Pay Display. Heartland Retail will now be the only place to print receipts once a ticket is completed.

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