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Test Drive Roadmap: Inventory Management
Test Drive Roadmap: Inventory Management

Managing inventory has never been more efficient!

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Along with importing items, gridding items, and customizing fields on items, Heartland Retail has a very robust feature set around inventory management. 

Transfers. If you need to move inventory across stores, you’ll love our transfer feature. The controls in the transfer feature allow you to maintain accurate inventory counts — even if inventory is moving between your locations.

Full and Partial Inventory Counts.  You can also perform inventory counts — full store or partial cycle counts — via scanning barcodes or importing item counts.

☐ Make an Inventory Adjustment

Go to INVENTORY > ADJUSTMENTS. Hit new and, as long as you have the proper permissions, you can make an inventory adjustment for an item that is not sellable because it is damaged or for an item that you are donating it!  Remember your inventory adjustment reason codes are managed under Settings > Reason Codes. 

** TIP** There are many inventory management reporting metrics available for you to report on. If we are capturing it, it is reportable! 

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