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Test Drive Roadmap: Discounts
Test Drive Roadmap: Discounts

Let's create coupons & promotions.

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Powerful, customizable and flexible, but also simple to use. You can add conditions to customize promotions and coupons by locations, customers, product, or total spend minimums. You can create promotions and coupons rules ahead of time, using ‘start’ and ‘end’ dates, and also archive rules to be used again in the future. You can report on promotions and coupons to see what worked and what didn’t.  

☐ Check out a Promotion Rule 

View existing promotions. Go to SALES > PROMOTIONS. See the promotions that have been created? 

  • Toggle between ‘View Archived Rules and View Active Rules’. 

  • Open up the existing rules by clicking on the ‘ID’. Check out all the options! 

  • When you look at the ‘Spend $500 on Dresses’ promotion, notice the conditions, ability to filter, and all the action options! 

☐ Create a Coupon (How about: XTRA20)


This is where your coupons are created and where they live. Click the ‘Archived Coupons’ button to toggle between active and archived coupons. Open up one of the Archived Coupons, such as the ‘20% Off in Chicago Paper” Coupon to see a coupon.

Create a Coupon. Select ‘New’ from the Coupon page and fill in the fields. Click CREATE. Make the Coupon Code, “XTRA20”.  Add any conditions. Try, total spend being greater than $100. Make the action, 20% off the entire ticket. Click START to make it active so you can try it in the POS. The Coupon has to be ‘Active’ (not ‘Paused’) for it is work! 

Test your Coupon. Go into the POS and create a ticket. Add an item to the ticket (make sure it is over $100). Enter ‘XTRA20’ in the ‘scan items or coupon here’ field to apply the Coupon Code you created. If you didn’t create a Coupon with that Coupon Code name, then enter “RECYCLE’ in the coupon code field. 

** TIP** The Coupon or Promotion has to be ‘Active’ (not ‘Paused’) for it is work. This allows you to create Coupons and Promotions ahead of time. No more creating promotion rules all night long the night before a weekend sale! 

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