There are several reasons why it may be possible for an "unresolved payment" error to appear in the POS. The most common example would be if you are using an integrated terminal with Heartland Retail and there is a communication error between Heartland Retail and the terminal while the payment is taking place. An "unresolved payment" simply means that Heartland Retail is not sure whether or not the payment was successfully processed in the POS.

When this happens, you will see this orange bar in the POS:

When you click the "Resolve" link in the bar, you will be asked to confirm if the payment has been charged by the processor as shown below.

Check the box after you've confirmed the payment status with your processing company.

If you click "No," you will be prompted to take the payment again.

If you click "Yes," you will be prompted to input information about the card so that you can complete the payment and ticket as shown below:

Once you input the card details and click "Resolve," you will be able to complete the ticket.

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