To reconcile the credit card deposit amounts on your bank statement to Heartland Retail take a look at this article:

The American Express (Amex) deposits on your bank statement may not agree with amounts per Heartland Retail because Amex set your account up so that their Amex fees (or "daily discounts" ) are pulled out of the Amex daily settlement amounts. This means that what is coming into your bank is reflected as a 'net' amount (total collected from your retail customers for Amex settlements less the Amex fees charged to you by Amex). To change your Amex deposits to 'Gross Pay', you need to contact Amex Services directly (800-528-5200). Request that Amex remove the fees (discounts) from your daily settlements so that it is easier to reconcile report totals in Heartland Retail to your bank statement Amex settlement deposit amounts.

You can confirm if your Amex settlement is set up as a gross pay or net of fees, by logging into your AMEX portal. In order to access this portal you will need both your AMEX account number and the BIN (Bank ID Number) of 023400 (the BID is the same for all Vantiv accounts). Please contact Amex Services if you have additional questions about accessing your portal of the Amex fees.

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