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How to install your Star TSP 143 USB Printer on Windows
How to install your Star TSP 143 USB Printer on Windows
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This guide covers setup and installation of the Star TSP143 series receipt printers, including the TSP100. All details are subject to change at any time.

Before you begin ...

In order for Heartland Retail to interface with printers, you'll need to have Heartland Retail Connect installed and running on your computer. For download and installation instructions, click here.

Step 1: Install the Star Micronics driver

Before you can print to your Star Micronics receipt printer from a Windows computer, you will need to install the manufacturer's printer drivers.

To download the latest driver for the printer, click here.

Under the section, Star Micronics TSP100 Series Driver Downloads, click on TSP100 futurePRNT Software.

This will open a new window. In the section, Star Micronics TSP100 futurePRNT Software Downloads, select futurePRNT V7.1 Lite. (If you would like the hardware instruction manual for the printer, choose futurePRNT V7.1 Full CD.)

Once this file is downloaded you will need to locate it. In the example below, the file is located in the "Downloads" folder.

Next, double-click the file to extract its contents. In the extracted folder, navigate to the folder Windows, then to Installer.

Find the compressed driver file, which should be titled Setup (32-bit) or Setup_x64 (64-bit). Double click file for the Windows bit version you are running. In this case, we choose the 64-bit setup.

If you're unsure how to find what bit version of Windows your PC is running, check out this link.

If you don't know what bit version of Windows you are running, go here:

After double-clicking the driver the installation process should automatically begin, follow the prompts on screen.

Step 2: Configure paper, cutter, and drawer kick settings

After you install the Star driver, it may be necessary to configure some settings for the desired functionality. First, navigate to your newly installed printer and select Printer Properties

To configure paper size so long receipts do not cut off early, click Preferences, then Advanced.

On the following screen, click the dropdown beside Paper Size and select 72mm x Receipt.

To enable cutting between signature and customer copies, click to the Device Settings tab. Page Cut Type and Document Cut Type should both be set to Partial Cut.

Step 3: Find and select the printer in Heartland Retail

First, ensure your printer is powered on, connected to a USB port on your computer, and loaded with paper.

Then restart Heartland Retail Connect.

Next, go to the Heartland Retail POS and click your web browser's refresh button.

Click the button at the top left of the screen to activate the POS menu.

Click Settings, second from the bottom of the menu. Then select your printer from the Receipt Printer drop-down printer.

Click Print Test Receipt. If a test receipt prints, your Star TSP143 USB printer is installed and ready for action!

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