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How to set up and use the Clover Go payment device (Beta)
How to set up and use the Clover Go payment device (Beta)

Please note: This is a beta feature

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The Clover Go RP450 can be used with Springboard Retail as a mobile payment device. The Clover Go RP450 must be used in conjunction with your station with an iOS device like an iPad.

Note: If you just enabled the Clover gateway prior to connecting your Clover Go payment device, you will need to relaunch the Springboard Retail iOS app to detect the payment gateway properly.

Connecting Clover Go

After enabling Clover gateway in the Springboard Retail app, you are ready to connect your Clover Go RP450 reader. To connect Clover Go reader,

  • Turn on Clover Go by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds or until the blue light is blinking

  • Turn on Bluetooth in iPad "Settings" app,

Note: Even though Clover Go reader is a Bluetooth device, you need to pair it within the Springboard Retail app.

In the Springboard Retail iOS app:

Point of Sale > Settings > Reload Devices > Payment Device dropdown menu > "RP450-xxxxxxxx"

Visual Guide:

  • In Springboard Retail iOS app, navigate to Point of Sale in the top left corner of the screen.

  • In the POS screen, click the left menu

  • Click the "Settings" link at the bottom of the menu.

  • The Settings Dialogue box will launch. Click on "Reload Devices" button.

  • Once devices are reloaded, click the dropdown in the "Payment Device" section and you will see your Clover Go reader named "RP450-xxxxxxxx"

  • Select the Clover Go in the dropdown.

  • On your very first attempt to connect the Clover Go payment device your iPad (POS) will launch a dialogue box asking you to “pair” the device, this can take up to 1 minute. 

Note: At any point if you change the payment gateway either from or to Clover you will need to relaunch the app for it to take effect

  • You should now be able to process payments and refunds using your new Clover Go device! 

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