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How to return an item purchased on Magento
How to return an item purchased on Magento

Taking a Magento return in-store or by mail

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In the event you need to take a return of an item sold online, follow the steps below to ensure that the refund and inventory are handled properly.

Handling mailed-in returns

If a customer purchased an item online and mailed the return to you, there are two high level steps you need to follow:

  1. Refund the customer in Magento

  2. Process the return in Heartland Retail's POS

Heartland Retail is not able to reference the original credit card information from the Magento order, so you will need to log in to Magento and process the refund there. This article from Magento will explain how you can process the refund.

Once you have return the refunded the customer in Magento, you will want to process a return in Heartland Retail's POS. In order to handle Magento returns that you have refunded elsewhere, you should create a designated Custom Payment Type in Heartland Retail called "Magento Return." This "Magento Return" payment type will not actually charge the customer, but will allow you to complete the ticket which will return the inventory to the store. For more on how to do so, read this article in our Help Center. For information on how to process an eCommerce return, see the section below called Processing the Return.

Processing the Return

When a customer brings an item purchased online through Magento back to your store, all you need to do is process a normal return transaction at the POS. You can search for the previous invoice in the "Find Ticket" menu and issue a return against that ticket, which will automatically source the return to the original sales source location. For an in-store return, you'll want to take a new credit card refund payment with the customer in-store.

If a customer returns an item by mail, first process their refund through Magento, as described above platform. Then return the item in the Heartland Retail POS using the Custom Payment Type you created above. Also, as mentioned above, you can find the invoice from the original sales order in the "Find Ticket" menu from the POS, and issue a return against it.

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