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How do I add shipping costs to a sales ticket?
How do I add shipping costs to a sales ticket?
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If you are sending a customer an item and would like to charge them a shipping fee, we recommend that you create an item called "Shipping" and sell it via the POS.

You can do this by selecting "Inventory" in the top menu bar, then Items, and then by clicking the "New" button. Rather than giving it an item number, you can have it say something like "Shipping" so that all sales associates can find it quickly and add it into the ticket. You will need to put in a default cost - which could be entered as $0 or the actual cost for the shipping. You must enter a "current price" to save the item so instead of doing that, click on the 'options' tab for the item and turn the 'prompt for price' to on. This way you will be prompted to enter a price in the Point of Sale, this will let you adjust the price to reflect the chosen shipping method (ground, next day, etc).

Save the new 'shipping' item and it is now ready to use in the POS. Happy Shipping!

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