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Setting up your Star TSP100 printer and APG Vasario or Star Micronics cash drawer on Windows or Mac OSX
Setting up your Star TSP100 printer and APG Vasario or Star Micronics cash drawer on Windows or Mac OSX
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The process for getting the printer and cash drawer working is broken down to a few easy steps. We also recommend for advance users to set a static IP address for your printer.

Connecting the devices

The recommended configuration for the Star Micronics TSP100 TSP143LAN receipt printer is to plug the device directly into the router. This will enable the Heartland Retail Connect to see and access the printer without the need for drivers or additional software.

You will then want to connect the APG Vasario / Star Micronics 16x16 cash drawer directly to the receipt printer. This will allow Connect to open the cash drawer when printing the receipt.

Install the Heartland Retail Connect

Once the printer and cash drawer are connected and plugged into the router, we need to install Heartland Retail Connect.

Configure Heartland Retail to use the printer

Launch Heartland Retail and click the menu button

then select settings.

From settings select the correct printer and choose your receipt printing option. If you used the software that came with the printer to install the device and configure the static IP (see below) then you will see more than one option. The correct one to choose will be the one that displays as Star TCP (IP address)

You are now ready to use your printer and cash drawer.

Static IP Address (advanced configuration)

It is recommended to give the printer a fixed/static IP address. This will prevent the router from assigning it a new IP address and relocating the device on the network.

The process for this will vary based on your specific router model. You will want to reference the manual for your device for how to reserve DHCP addresses. This will allow you to take the MAC address of the printer and link it to a fixed IP from the router.

Here are some links to some guides from the manufacturers to help get you started. For additional support, please contact the router manufacturer.

Alternatively, on Windows OS only, you can use the printer software provided from the manufacturer to configure the device with a static IP.

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