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Troubleshooting Zebra LP 2824 Plus Label Printing Issues
Troubleshooting Zebra LP 2824 Plus Label Printing Issues
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Accessing printer functions

The Zebra LP 2824 Plus printer has a number of built-in functions that can be accessed via the feed button. These functions should be outlined in your owners manual. There are only a few that you will need to deal with when configuring your printer for Heartland Retail and/or troubleshooting issues.

Accessing these functions is accomplished by pressing/holding the green feed button.

  • Pressing and releasing the feed button quickly will feed a single blank label. This also quickly attempts to detect the size of the label.

  • Holding down the feed will cause the light surrounding the feed button to alternate between being off and flashing in groups. First it will flash once, then twice, then three times, etc. Each of these groups of flashes indicate a different function that the printer can perform. See below for more details on important functions.

Nothing will print!

If the feed button is flashing green

The printer needs to detect the label size before it can print any labels. Press the green feed button once. A single blank label will be fed out.

You are receiving an "unable to detect language" error

This may be happening because the printer is in "dump" mode. You may have also received a printout from your printer that looks like this:

To remove the printer from "Dump" mode, simply click the feed button on the printer once. When successful, you will receive a printout that says "Out of dump."

If all else fails:

On Windows and Mac OSX remove your printer and re-add it with an alternate driver. For instance, if you set up the printer using the "EPL2" driver, add the printer again using the "ZPL" driver, or vice versa.

I don't know the IP address of my printer!

  1. Hold down the feed button.

  2. Wait until you get the first flash

  3. Release the feed button

A number of labels will be printed out. These labels contain diagnostic information about the printer. Included on one of these labels will be the printer's IP address.

My labels aren't printing correctly!

We have discovered that at times, especially when switching to new label types or sizes, the printer must be re-calibrated in order to properly detect the size and position of the labels. In order to re-calibrate the printer follow these steps:

  1. Insert the roll of labels you plan to print from.

  2. Hold down the feed button

  3. Wait for the group of two flashes, then release the feed button.

If that doesn't work, try a full calibration:

  1. Insert the roll of labels you plan to print from

  2. Hold down the feed button

  3. Wait for the group of seven flashes, then release the feed button.

  4. A re-calibration process will take place. This will print out a lot of labels.

  5. When the process is complete the printer will feed out a single blank label.

  6. Try to print your labels again

My labels are printing faded!

If your labels are suddenly printing much lighter than expected, the default print darkness of your printer may have been changed.

You can recalibrate the default darkness to your preferred setting by pressing and holding the green button until it blinks 6 times. It will then feed out a label with a test of the darkness and pause for approximately 3 seconds before going to the next darkness. Once you find the level you would like, you can press the feed button. The Zebra recommended setting is the 5th option.

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