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How to print Zebra thermal labels from Heartland Retail on Windows
How to print Zebra thermal labels from Heartland Retail on Windows
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In order to print Zebra labels from Heartland Retail, you must first install the Zebra drivers and add your Zebra printer. Here's a guide.

Ready to print? Follow these instructions.

1. Generate barcode labels from the items table, a purchase order or a receipt.

The screenshot below shows the popup you'll see when you generate barcode labels from the items table.

Click "Print Labels" to generate your labels.

2. Important: view the PDF and print from it using Adobe Reader.

We've found that the built-in PDF viewer in both Chrome and Firefox will cause issues with label alignment.

Please install Adobe Reader and use Adobe Reader to both view and print your labels.

3. Print your labels.

In Adobe Reader, click File > Print.

Select your Zebra printer from the drop-down list of printers. Make sure that under "Size Options" your labels are set to print at "Actual Size."

Then click the "Properties" button.

On the "Options" tab of the Properties dialog, change the "Size" dimensions to match the dimensions of your label. In the screenshot above, notice that I changed the width and height to 1.50 x 1.00.

Click "OK."

This will return you to the Print dialog, where you can print your labels.

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