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Troubleshooting Heartland Retail iPad App
Troubleshooting Heartland Retail iPad App
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If you are experiencing issues with the Heartland Retail iPad App, you may be able to resolve them with a few quick troubleshooting steps.

Force Close the App

The first thing to try whenever you are having issues with an app is to force close it. To do this, you will double press the home button on the iPad and this will bring up the app switcher. All you need to do now is swipe up on the Heartland Retail app and it will close out! You can then open the app back up and see if your issue is resolved.

Hard Reset the iPad

Another common troubleshooting step is to restart the device using a hard reset. You will not lose any data on your iPad in this process. To accomplish this, you will hold down both the power button on top of the device, and the home button on the front of the iPad for about 5-10 seconds until the screen goes blank and then let go of both buttons immediately. You will then see the Apple logo and the device will boot up normally. Go ahead and open up the Heartland Retail app and test it out to see if your issue is resolved.

Uninstall the App

The next thing to try if force closing the app and restarting the iPad did not help would be to uninstall Heartland Retail. To do this go to your iPad home screen where you can see the app then press and hold on the icon. After a few seconds the icons will start wiggling and you will see an X appear on the top left corner of the icon. Press on this X and a confirmation will pop up, you can just press delete. This will remove the app from your iPad.

To reinstall the app, you can either search the App Store for Heartland Retail or click here on the iPad to go right to our app listing. Then press "Get" and then "Install" to confirm and start the download.

Hopefully this resolved your issue, if you are still experiencing problems please contact us at

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