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Editing sales order invoice templates
Editing sales order invoice templates
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This document outlines the procedure for editing sales order invoice templates.

Editing Sales Invoices Return Policy and Return Label Text

  1. In the top navigation menu of Heartland Retail, click the "Settings" link.

  2. Click the “Receipts” tab on the left menu bar.

  3. On the "Receipts" page, click the "Templates" tab.

The "Templates" tab is where you can specify the header and footer of your printed POS receipts and it's also where you can configure the return policy and return label for sales order invoices processed through Heartland Retail:

Enter the return policy text for the sales invoices in the “Sales Invoices” “Return Policy” text box. This will be the text printed on any sales invoices.

By clicking your cursor out of the text box the text will save. A green success “Saved” message will flash confirming your text has been saved.

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