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Testing my hardware on an iPad
Testing my hardware on an iPad
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So now you have all your hardware plugged in and ready to go but you want to make sure it works! We will go through a few tests to make sure your hardware is working properly and ensure you have a great experience.

Install the Heartland Retail app

If you haven't already done so, please download the Heartland Retail app from the App Store.

Connect your hardware

If you received your hardware directly from us or purchased the devices from our recommended hardware guide, you can follow this tutorial to install your hardware:

Test your hardware

Follow the testing process below in order to test each piece of hardware.

Zebra Label Printer

To test the label printer, you will start by navigating from your Dashboard to Inventory -> Items.

From here you can check the box next to one of your items and click the print labels button.

Select your printer and label size from the list. If you have multiple printers on the same network and are unsure which printer is yours, you can hold down the green button on the top of your printer until it blinks once then release. The labels that print out will contain your IP Address that will show you which printer to choose in the list.

Once you have your printer and label size, click the print labels button. Verify that the label that was printed is centered and that none of the barcode has been cut off. If it is off centered, please verify you are using the proper size labels for the size you selected.

Barcode Scanner

You will want to take the label you printed in the last step, or any other printed label you have available.

Navigate to the Point of Sale and start a new ticket.

You can now scan your barcode and if it is read, the scanner should make an audible beep. If you do not hear a beep, then there is an issue with the barcode it is attempting to read, and you should try again with a different tag.

It should then show either the item, or a prompt that the item was missing and needs to be created if the scanner was working properly.

Credit Card Swiper (integrated terminals only)

On that POS ticket you created for the barcode scanner testing, verify an item is on the ticket. If not use the Find button to search and add an item to the ticket

Select Tender at the bottom of your screen.

Select Credit Card as the payment option and change the dollar amount to $0.01

Click the Add Payment button. You should then see a charge for $0.01 on your credit card terminal if you are using an integrated terminal such as the Dejavoo or Pax terminals. If you are using Vantiv with non EMV payment devices, you should see an on screen prompt to swipe the card.

You can then swipe your card to add the payment.

Verify the payment shows up successfully in Heartland Retail

Then you can void the payment from Heartland Retail. Depending on the terminal, it may prompt you to swipe the card once more.

If the charge and void were completed successfully, there is no need to complete the ticket as the payment is collected while swiping the card rather than upon ticket completion.

You can now void the ticket by clicking the Ticket # button at the top of your screen and selecting void.

Receipt Printer

From the POS click the Menu button in the top left corner to open the sidebar.

Select Settings at the bottom of this menu.

This will pop up a device selection screen. Ensure your receipt printer is selected in the dropdown. If you see multiple printers and are unsure which printer is the one for this station, you can get the IP Address from the printer directly. To do this, power off your receipt printer using the switch along the left side, then hold down the feed button on the front of the printer, and continue to hold that button down while powering the receipt printer back on. After holding the button for roughly 10 seconds, two slips will print out. On the second slip your IP Address will be displayed.

You can then click the Print Test Receipt button on the right after selecting your printer. It should then print a dummy receipt.

If everything worked correctly then you are ready to start using Heartland Retail!

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