If your purchase order and what you actually receive from the vendor do not match up perfectly, that is OK. When you go to receive in merchandise from a purchase order, you can add items in three ways:

  1. You can scan them using your barcode scanner.

  2. You can click "Select from order" to see everything on the original purchase order.

  3. Or you can click "Find" to search through your inventory.

This "Find" button is what you will want to use if you receive items that were not on the original order. Items on the receipt that were not on the original order will show up as "Unauthorized" to show the receiver that the purchase order and receipt to not match up. This may be because the vendor mis-shipped or because the receiver scanned the product too quickly and needs to go back and check their work to make sure he or she scanned everything accurately.

When something is unauthorized, you are still able to complete the receipt. Items show up as unauthorized solely to make sure you are aware something was added to the receipt that was not on the original purchase order. When you receive in unauthorized items they will increase your inventory on hand.

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