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Installing your iPad POS hardware
Installing your iPad POS hardware
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So, you've ordered our recommended POS iPad-based hardware, and it has arrived. If you need help setting up your new iPad hardware to work with Heartland Retail, then you have come to the right place!

Install the Heartland Retail app

On the iPad, you will want to start by downloading the Heartland Retail app from the App Store.

Setting up your Star receipt printer

To install the Star receipt printer, all you need to do is plug the power cable into an outlet, and plug the ethernet cables into your store's network.

You can verify the printer is connected to the network by, powering off your receipt printer using the switch along the left side, then hold down the feed button on the front of the printer, and continue to hold that button down while powering the receipt printer back on. After holding the button for roughly 10 seconds, two slips will print out. On the second slip your IP Address will be displayed. If this address is then the printer is not yet connected to your network.

Once connected, you can select this as your stations default receipt printer. To do this you will open up Heartland Retail and click on the "Point of Sale" link in the top navigation menu.

From there, you will press the menu ☰ button, and press Settings. This will load a window with a drop down for you to select your default receipt printer for this station. Select the receipt printer with the IP Address from your configuration receipt. You can also select to turn on automatic receipt printing from here.

Setting up your APG cash drawer

Once your printer is all set up, you can plug the cash drawer into the back of the receipt printer using the provided cable.

No additional configuration is necessary. The cash drawer will automatically pop when you take a cash or check payment.

Setting up your Zebra label printer

To install the Zebra label printer, you will only need to connect the printer to a power outlet, and connect the ethernet cable to your network.

You can verify the printer is connected to your network by powering on the printer and pressing and holding the green button on top of the device until it blinks once, then releasing. It will then print out a series of labels with configuration information, including your IP Address. If the Address is then it is not yet connected to your network.

When printing labels, you will be able to select the printers address from a list to choose the printer you will use. This step will be covered in the testing guide at the bottom.

Pairing your scanner

Check out this article, which explains how to set up your Socket Mobile Scanner on the iPad.

Installing your credit card swipe

If you are using the Non-EMV payment devices from Vantiv, you only need to plug it in to the charging port on your iPad and your setup is complete. No additional steps are necessary to configure this piece of hardware.

If you are using eConduit as your gateway with devices such as the Dejavoo, you can follow this guide to connect your payment terminal to your Heartland Retail account.

Testing your hardware

Now that everything is all set up, you are ready to test! Head over to this guide for step by step testing instructions: Testing my hardware on an iPad

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