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Setting up your Socket Mobile Bluetooth scanner for the iPad
Setting up your Socket Mobile Bluetooth scanner for the iPad
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The Socket Mobile 7Ci Bluetooth scanner requires a little bit of configuration before you'll be able to use it with your iPad. Follow this guide to get started quickly.

1. Install the battery pack and charge your scanner.

Make sure your scanner is fully charged (for 4-6 hours) before you attempt to use it for the first time. You'll need to install the battery pack in the back of the scanner and then plug it in.

2. Turn on your scanner.

Hold down the power button until the scanner beeps twice.

Once turned on, the blue light on the scanner will begin to flash.

3. Put the scanner into iOS mode. 

Important: Be sure to do this before you pair the Bluetooth scanner with the iPad.

In order to prevent the on-screen keyboard from disappearing when the scanner is connected to the iPad, you need to put the scanner into iOS mode. You can do this by scanning a barcode that appears on Page 11 of the Socket Quick Start Guide that came with your scanner.

Here's the iOS mode barcode on Page 11:

Does your guide look a little different?

If so, you may have the newer version of the Quick Start Guide. If that's the case, you can find the iOS Mode barcode on Page 18.

After you scan the iOS mode barcode, you'll hear a series of beeps that indicate you successfully put the scanner into iOS mode.

4. Pair the scanner with your iPad.

First, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on the iPad. You can do this on the iPad by going to Settings > Bluetooth.

If your Socket scanner is turned on, you should see it in the list of Bluetooth devices on the iPad.

(If your scanner isn't showing up here, make sure it is powered on with a full charge. If it's powered on with a full charge and you still aren't seeing it, you may need to turn the scanner off and on again.)

Next, tap on your Socket CHS scanner in the list of available devices. That will establish the Bluetooth connection.

Your scanner is now connected and ready to use.

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