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Heartland Retail Subscription and Station Billing
Heartland Retail Subscription and Station Billing

How stations (monthly billings) are calculated.

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At Heartland Retail, we believe in value-based pricing. Our Subscription tiers are designed to offer you choices. Not a "one size fits all" approach that forces you to pay for power you don't need.  

Heartland Retail never charges for users or back office access, and we don't limit the number of items our customers use. Heartland Retail charges only when our customers do business!

The charge for the Heartland Retail service is based on the number of selling stations you require as indicated on your Subscription Agreement. During any month, if you use more selling stations than you paid for with your Subscription Agreement you will be charged at the end of that month for those additional stations. If you expect the additional stations to be used going forward, we offer you the choice to convert those stations to your annual agreement and provide the associated discount from the monthly price.

The number of selling stations used are those stations that:

(1) Physically ring in a sale (in the POS), and/or
(2) Complete an invoice (or fulfill) a customer sales order

This link will take you to an article that will show you how to confirm the number of selling stations that were used in a month.

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