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Adding Shipping Methods
Adding Shipping Methods
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This document outlines the procedure for how to add or edit shipping methods. All active Shipping methods are shown as options when creating a sales order. You can enter a flat fee for each Shipping Method, which will be reflected in the total amount due for any order to which it is applied. You can also report on dollars collected in this category.

Getting Started

To access “Settings” in Heartland Retail, click on the settings link in the top navigation menu of the dashboard. Then click the "shipping" button on the left menu bar. This will bring you to the "shipping methods" page.

Adding a new Shipping Method

1. Click the “New” button, this will bring you to a new window.

2. Type in a name for the new shipping method you want to create.

3. Choose for the method to be either “Active” or “Disabled” by moving the switch.

4. Click the “Save” button.

Entering Cost

The cost you assign to a Shipping Method will be charged to the customer when this Shipping Method is applied to a Sales Order. Enter the charge the customer will pay in the Amount field:

The newly create shipping method will be displayed in the table of shipping methods. Typical shipping methods are "UPS Ground", "UPS 2nd Day", "UPS Next Day", "USPS Priority", "USPS Express", "Store Pickup", etc.


To report on how much money you've collected on shipping, add the Group "Sales Transaction >> Invoice Number" and the Metric "Shipping >> Net Shipping Income".

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