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How do I see the net change in my gift card balances over time?
How do I see the net change in my gift card balances over time?
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There are three ways in which the balance of a gift card can be changed in Heartland Retail: (1) issuing a gift card in the POS, (2) redeeming a gift card in the POS or (3) changing the value of a gift card outside of the POS using a gift card adjustment.

All three of these methods are viewed differently in reporting, so if you'd like to understand the net change in value of your gift cards over a period of time, the easiest way to do that would be to build the following report:

  1. On the Filters tab, select the date range that you would like to report on.

  2. On the Metrics tab, add these two metrics to the report: "Gift Cards » Beginning Balance" and "Gift Cards » Ending Balance."

  3. On the Groups tab of reporting, you can remove all groups and that will give you just the total balances. If you'd like to see this reported by gift card number, you can add the "Gift Cards » Gift Card #" group to the report.

The difference between your beginning and ending balance will show you the net change in your gift card balances as a result of new cards being issued, existing gift cards being redeemed, and any gift card adjustments you may have performed.

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