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Syncing Events from Heartland Retail To QuickBooks Online
Syncing Events from Heartland Retail To QuickBooks Online

Once the integration is connected and mapped, you need to 'start the sync' to send the financial events from Heartland Retail to QBO as JEs.

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Once you have imported your Chart of Accounts from QuickBooks Online into Heartland Retail and then mapped financial events to general ledger accounts via account mappings (under Settings > Financial > Configuration Tab  > Account Mapping), you are ready to push your activity (financial events via journal entries) in Heartland Retail into QuickBooks Online.

Go to Settings > Integrations > and click on QuickBooks Online.

The second tab, "Financial Events" lists all events already in Heartland Retail that can trigger a journal entry. 

Note the status of the 'Status' tab:

(1) Syncing Events Going Forward

On the first tab, 'Status' click on 'Start Sync'. You will see a green box with a check mark and the note 'Things are good,' while the sync is taking place. 

You should also see a 'SYNC PAST EVENTS' appear on the bottom of this tab once you hit "Sync." If you do not see this, move off that tab and come back to it; it should appear. If it still does not appear, log out and back into Heartland Retail.

(2) Syncing Past Events

Note the section, SYNC PAST EVENTS, now visible towards the bottom of the 'STATUS' tab (Settings > Integrations > 'Status' tab).

What's this? When you first set up your QuickBooks integration, and then hit 'start sync', only financial events created after that point are synced. If you want to sync events created before that time, you can use this 'Sync Past Events' tool. Transactions that need to be synced are listed as "Never Synced" on the 'Financial Events' tab. We recommend you discuss the approach of syncing past events with your accountant as financial cut off does come to play here. 

If you decide you want to sync past events, you need to enter a start and end date. The start date should be the first date you want events to start syncing. If you want to sync events from when you first began to use Heartland Retail, you should find that date on the first event on the last page, under the 'FINANCIAL EVENTS' tab. The end date should be today's date if you are first integrating Heartland Retail and QuickBooks Online and want past events synced.

Heartland Retail will NOT allow events to be synced multiple times.

As financial events are syncing, you can see that on the FINANCIAL EVENTS tab. The status of synced events will change from 'Not Synced' to 'Processing' and then to 'Synced'. You will know when everything has synced as all events will be in the status 'Synced'.

If your sync stops or there is a problem with the sync you will see an alert on your Sales Dashboard. It is also suggested that you check the status of your events on an regular basis, under INTEGRATIONS > FINANCIAL EVENTS using the drop down to see if the status on any of the events is anything other than 'Synced'.

Retry Failed Button

If your events will not sync. Go to the INTEGRATIONS>QUICKBOOKS ONLINE> FINANCIAL EVENTS tab and click on the 'Retry Failed' button.

Integration Errors: Action Required

Errors (or Problems) with your Heartland Retail to QBO integration can be identified by checking your 'Alerts' section of your Sales Dashboard: 

You can also see problems with the integration from the 'status' tab of the integration: 

To troubleshoot the 'Action Required' take a look at these related articles: 


More Detailed Information on the Integration

After reading all the available articles, should you have any questions about our integration or be interested in training related to the Heartland Retail to QBO Integration, please just let us know at

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