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Why aren't my barcodes scanning?
Why aren't my barcodes scanning?
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If you are scanning a barcode into Heartland Retail and nothing is coming up, there are a few different ways to troubleshoot this.

From an iPad:

Sign out of Heartland Retail.

In the bottom right corner of the log in screen, click the "diagnostics" button. Then click "Barcode Scanning."

If nothing is scanning into this test page, your scanner is most likely not in iOS mode. Follow the steps in this article to put your scanner into iOS mode.

From a computer:

Most USB barcode scanners "just work" with Heartland Retail. If you are scanning into Heartland Retail on a computer and nothing is happening, we recommend that you open up a word processor like Microsoft Word or Pages on a Mac. If you can scan into a word processor but you cannot scan into Heartland Retail, please contact us for help. If you can't scan into a word processor, this would indicate a hardware problem with your scanner (or possibly a problem with the barcodes that are being scanned).

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