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Exporting your customer list
Exporting your customer list
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To export a list of your customers, navigate to your Customer list (by going to Sales > Customers) and click the checkboxes to the left of the customer numbers to select individual customers to export. If you want to export your entire list, just click the checkbox at the top left and then click the link that says "Select all # rows across all pages."

Once you select your customers, you will see that an "Export" button appears at the top right of the page. When clicked, a .csv file will be downloaded.

Creating a Customer List Using the Reporting Feature

You can also build a customer list using Heartland Retail's Reporting feature. You will need to determine what filters and metrics you want to use to determine which customers will be included in the report. For example, below are in instructions to create a report of all customer last name, first name, and email addresses who made a purchase this year to date.


  • Select 'Year to Date' (or the dates you would like to review)


  • Customer >> Last Name

  • Customer >> First Name

  • Customer >> Email


  • Source Sales >> Net Sales

You can then sort on the Net Sales column by using the 'sort' tab or by double clicking on the 'Source Sales >> Net Sales' column heading.

Note: Heartland Retail does provide an integration with MailChimp. To learn more about this integration, click here.

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