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Journal Entry created When Bringing Original Quantities Into Heartland Retail
Journal Entry created When Bringing Original Quantities Into Heartland Retail
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When you begin to use Heartland Retail, there are two ways to bring in your inventory quantities into Heartland Retail.

  1. Physical count: Physically count your stores inventory using a barcode scanner. Read about how to complete a physical count here.

  2. Import: Upload a spreadsheet of your inventory quantities into the system using the physical counts function. Take a look at this knowledgebase article to learn more about our imports system.

If you are integrated with Quickbooks Online, either of these inventory adjustments will automatically create a journal entry that increases (or debits) your inventory on hand and credits whichever account the adjustment reason used is mapped to. You can view and edit what account your adjustment reasons are mapped to by going to settings > reason codes > inventory adjustment reasons.

When you bring your inventory quantities into Heartland Retail, if you already had an inventory balance on your balance sheet in Quickbooks Online, your inventory balance will now be overstated. You should work with your accountant to compare the inventory balance you were originally carrying in your financials to what was imported when you bring your inventory into Heartland Retail. You will need to compare the journal entry created in Quickbooks Online from the Heartland Retail integration to the amount of inventory you were carrying on hand and then either reverse or adjust the journal entry created from adding your quantities into Heartland Retail.

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