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How do I update my current on hand quantities when transitioning to Heartland Retail?
How do I update my current on hand quantities when transitioning to Heartland Retail?

This article will help you when adding new inventory levels into SR using the counts feature

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Heartland Retail makes it quick and easy to import your inventory quantities from your old POS system.

Here are the steps you will need to take when importing your data.

1. Create Vendors

  • The first thing you need to do is import all of your current vendors. You can add vendors one at a time, or import them in bulk by importing a spreadsheet. This can be your own spreadsheet or can be the template we provide you in your account. For an overview on how to import data into your Heartland Retail account take a look at this article from our knowledgebase.

2. Create items

  • The next step is to import your items. You will find this is very similar to importing vendors. You can create items one at a time or import your items in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet. Refer to the article mentioned above for an overview of how to import a spreadsheet. You may want to add custom fields before creating any items.

3. Import quantities

  • Once your items and vendors are in your account, you can import your current quantities for each item by importing a spreadsheeting into our "physical counts" tool. Please note that to import quantities, you have to create a batch as the 'import lines' button can be found within a count batch. Both the importing data knowledgebase article and this article on our physical counts feature will be useful for this step. To import a spreadsheet to our physical counts tool, all you will need is the item number and the current quantity.

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