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Why won't my spreadsheet import or import correctly?
Why won't my spreadsheet import or import correctly?
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If you find that an import won't work or you are seeing that there are multiple import errors, there may be a few reasons for this. Below is a list of some of the most common reasons that an import will fail.

  1. Required Custom Fields: If you have a custom field that you made required in Heartland Retail, under settings, then you need to make sure this field is filled in for all of the items you are importing.

  2. Custom Fields set up as 'pick from a list' : if you created a custom field in Heartland Retail (under settings) and one of the options is 'dress' but you put 'dresses' in your import spreadsheet, it will not import.

  3. Columns are mapped to the wrong field: When you import a spreadsheet and are brought to the "mappings" page, make sure to double check the columns you're importing match the correct field in Heartland Retail.

  4. Original Price can be left blank but current price can not. What is the difference between original price and current price?

  5. When you import, if you import a blank column it will overwrite the existing descriptions to have blank values. So you should only upload blank columns if you want to erase the data in those columns.

If you have gone through these steps and the file still won't import please email the file you are trying to import to and we will troubleshoot with you to get the file imported.

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