You may notice that when you go to take a credit card payment, the card number field has already been filled out. This is caused by Firefox thinking a previously swiped credit card was actually a password and it was accidentally saved.

You can resolve this issue in a few quick steps.

1) Click the Menu button in the top right side of your browser.

2) From this menu select "Preferences" if you are on a Mac, or "Options" if you are on a PC.

3) On the preferences page, select Security along the left side.

4) Click the Saved Passwords button. In this list you should see one that says or

5) Select that line, and click Remove to delete the saved credit card. Now when you go to take a credit card, you will see the card number field is blank and ready to go!

Important: It will ask you to save the password again the next time you swipe a credit card. When this window comes up, click the arrow next to Remember Password to select Never Remember Password for This Site.

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