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I can not see my receipt printer on my AT&T U-Verse network
I can not see my receipt printer on my AT&T U-Verse network
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If you are using an AT&T U-Verse router, you may find that you are unable to see your Ethernet/LAN receipt or label printer from your wireless devices.

What causes the issue?

Earlier models of the Motorola brand router supplied with the AT&T U-Verse package, were not configured by default to allow communication between ethernet and wireless devices. This prevent Heartland Retail from being able to talk with your receipt/label printer.

How do I fix this issue?

If you have this configuration we recommend contacting AT&T to discuss your options for resolving the WiFi to Ethernet networking issue.

In many cases they may provide you with a newer model router which has this standard setting enabled by default.

If you would prefer to keep the current model you have, a representative from AT&T tech support should be able to assist you in an advanced configuration of your router to allow your devices connected on WiFi to communicate with your Ethernet devices.

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