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Recommended store layout for iPad-compatible receipt printers
Recommended store layout for iPad-compatible receipt printers
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When building out a new store location that will use iPad-compatible receipt and/or label printers, it is important to choose a layout that will promote optimal stability and workflow.

Optimal Placement of Networking Equipment

When using Heartland Retail’s iPad POS, in order to print receipts, both the printer and the iPad need to be on the same network. The best way to accomplish this is to network your store so that your wireless router is located at the cash wrap with the other POS equipment. That way, you can connect your printer to the router with an ethernet cable. Your iPad will then print receipts over the network.

Placing the router at the cash wrap also ensures you will have the ability to scale up when additional printers and cash drawers become necessary.

But... my router is in the back of the store.

No problem! If feasible, you can run a cable from the back of the store to the front to connect your printer to the router. Or, additionally, you can set up an Apple Airport Express at your cash wrap. This will wirelessly connect to the router in the back of your store so that you can plug your hardware directly into the Airport Express at the cash wrap without running a wire from the back of the store to the front.

Advanced Configuration Option

It is not necessary but recommended that you configure your printer to have a static IP address. This will prevent the network address of your printer from changing and will prevent printing interruptions from occurring. We recommend that you contract a local IT professional (perhaps the same person who installs your network) to configure this for you.

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