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How to filter promotion rule conditions by item?
How to filter promotion rule conditions by item?
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If you've previously created promotions in Heartland Retail, you have probably noticed that you add Conditions that must be met before a promotion is earned. You can create conditions based on store location, total ticket spend and total ticket quantity, and you can even create conditions based on customer fields.

For example, check out the condition in the screen shot below, which specifies that a Total Spend level must be met before a discount will go into effect:

As shown above, the customer can purchase anything to meet the total spend of $200.

But what if you only want to the promotion to go into effect if the customer buys certain things? Well, you can do that, too:

So now, in order to qualify for the promotion, the customer needs to spend $200 that are in the "Mens" group.

Setting up these filters is quick and easy. Just click the "Filter" link next to the condition to add your filters. You can also find that 'Filter' link by hovering over the condition (or action) you have added. You will then see the 'Filter' link appear to the right of the condition.

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