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Can my items have multiple barcodes / scannable numbers?
Can my items have multiple barcodes / scannable numbers?
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Yes, they can!

Any number you put into Heartland Retail's built-in Item # field immediately becomes a scannable barcode. You can enter your UPC # into this field if you have one, or perhaps an Item # from a previous POS system. You can also use letters, or have an alpha barcode, or have numbers and letters in your barcode. You can also leave this field blank when you create your items and we will auto-assign an Item # for you.

If you need to create more than one barcode, then we recommend you create an additional custom field. You can call it anything you like (e.g. "Barcode 2"). You'll just need to turn on the switch that says "Values must be unique" and then save the custom field.

Then, any numbers you enter into this new field on the item record will become scannable numbers.

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