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How to configure the Smart Transaction Systems gift card integration with Heartland Retail
How to configure the Smart Transaction Systems gift card integration with Heartland Retail
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Heartland Retail provides a built-in integration with Smart Transaction Systems (STS) to manage your gift cards. You will need to have your Merchant ID and Terminal ID for STS to complete this setup. If you have multiple terminal IDs, it does not matter which one you choose for the purposes of setting up this integration.

Please keep in mind that once you configure your account to use STS for gift card payments, you will no longer be able to issue gift cards from within Heartland Retail. You can, however, add funds to an existing gift card, check the balance, and redeem STS gift cards. You will just need to create the gift card in your STS system first.

Modify your Gift Card payment in Heartland Retail to use STS gift cards

You will need to configure the gift cards in Heartland Retail to look to an outside source to manage your gift card information to do this:

  1. From Heartland Retail, navigate to Settings -> Payment Types -> Gift Card

  2. Change the dropdown for Payment Processing from "With Heartland Retail" to "With custom webhooks"

  3. You will now notice that several fields have appeared on the page. We have already prepared the URL's, you will just need to add in your Merchant ID and Terminal ID

  4. Paste in the following URL's but replace 111111111 with your Merchant ID number, and replace 222 with your Terminal ID number.

Check Balance




Leave this field empty

When you are finished, your Gift Card page should look like this.

You can then navigate to Sales -> Gift Cards, and search for one of your existing gift cards from Smart Transaction Systems and it will pull up the available balance.

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