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NuORDER: How to configure your brand item and order sync settings
NuORDER: How to configure your brand item and order sync settings
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Once you have connected your brand in Heartland Retail, you need to configure the brand settings to ensure that the data from NuORDER flows over in the way you want it to. Here’s what your settings page will look like when you first connect the brand:

To start, you’ll need to map your brand to an existing vendor in Heartland Retail. You can do that by clicking the “Find existing vendor” field shown above.

Next, you will need to map NuORDER fields to the corresponding fields in Heartland Retail. We recommend that you create custom fields in Heartland Retail for all the fields that NuOrder provides.

Please note that all vendor UPCs will be automatically synced to the Heartland Retail Item # field for your convenience. Default Cost, Original Price and Current Price will also be automatically synced.

As an example, here is what your fields should look like once mapped:

Any fields that you leave as “Ignored” will not sync to Heartland Retail.

Next, you will need to choose which fields coming over from NuOrder should make up the Item Description field. We recommend the Style Name, Color, and Size, as shown below:

As shown above, you can select up to four fields to contribute to your item description.

Next, you need to set a tax category which will control how all item from this vendor are taxed. (You can read more about how our tax system works here.)

As shown above, the tax category “Taxable” will automatically be added to all items that sync over from this vendor.

Optional: Order fields

In addition to mapping item fields, you can also map optional order fields to sync from NuORDER to your purchase orders in Heartland Retail.

Once you map all fields on the Items and Orders tabs, all orders from NuORDER will sync into Heartland Retail automatically.

You will know that your brand is ready to sync when a green checkmark appears next to the brand name on the main NuORDER integration page:

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