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I just purchased an Advanced Data Migration, what do I do next?
I just purchased an Advanced Data Migration, what do I do next?
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Before we begin, we request that you please fill out this form with some details to assist us in processing your data. You will select "I would like Heartland Retail to go into my system to collect the data" for the data retrieval method.

On the form please fill in each available possible time frame for us to have unattended access to your previous system. If you have a back office computer that is not used to ring sales, this is the ideal situation.

Our Advanced Data Migration includes importing any/all of the following:

  • Items

  • Vendors

  • Current On Hand Inventory Qtys

  • Customers

  • Gift Cards with current balances

  • Store Credits

  • Open Purchase Orders

  • Sales history

What are the steps for the migration process

As part of the Advanced Data Migration, the process is broken down into a few steps.

1) Introduction to your data migration specialist

2) Setting up your computer for remote access

3) Reviewing the imported data

4) Sending final confirmation

Introduction to your data migration specialist

One of our specialists who is assigned to your project will reach out to you within 24-48 hours of you purchasing your data migration to discuss next steps.

This representative will be your main point of contact for any data migration related questions or issues. Please use the Submit a request link at the top of the page if you have any non data migration related issues.

Setting up your computer for remote access

In order for us to collect the data from your old system, we will need to set up remote access to allow us to log in and fetch the information. Your data migration specialist will assist you with getting this access set up as well as reviewing the times you have selected for us to have unattended access.

In order to successfully set up the remote access and begin collecting your data, you will need to have the computer login password and admin login credentials for your current system to provide Heartland Retail access to the exports needed.

If the device we are logging into is also used as a point of sale, we request that you communicate to your team that we will be logging in from time to time to fetch data. We also request that you inform your team to leave the computer powered on overnight.

Reviewing the imported data

Once your data migration specialist has completed the conversion and import of your files into Heartland Retail, we will reach out to you with a link that you can use to access your imported data.

We will import your information into a testing environment for review so we can make any changes before importing the final data into your main account.

Once you have received a link for review, you will want to spot check some random items, customers, vendors, and gift card balances and ensure all of the contents are in the correct fields. If you are unsure of how to view each of these sections, please search our Knowledgebase for a wealth of resources to help you navigate our system.

Sending the final confirmation

After you have completed reviewing the information and verified the accuracy, we just need for you to reply to your data migration specialists email stating that everything is ready to be imported into your main account!

After your confirmation, we will begin importing the data over the next 24 hours and we will confirm once the import has completed!

Once the import is complete, you are ready to start using Heartland Retail immediately!

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