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Magento: Sync Error Resolution
Magento: Sync Error Resolution
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After you have configured your item sync settings and have completed your initial sync, you will want to visit the Magento integration page and select the Errors tab. From here you will see a list of errors during the sync process and the ability to resolve them. These errors occur when there are missing values in required Heartland Retail fields, or incorrect values for fields that pick from a list on Heartland Retail.

If you have used our imports system before, the error resolution should be very familiar. For those of you who are new, we will cover how to resolve an error and verify the items have been imported.

On the errors tab you may notice multiple lines such as in the screenshot above. This is because we sync your items in batches so there may be errors only on specific batches.

To start, you can click the Resolve link and that will bring you to the import resolution page.

On this page, at the top it will tell you the total number of items that have successfully imported during this batch. If that number says 0 out of # then no items have been created yet during this batch. At the bottom you will see a button allowing you to skip all remaining items. This should only be used if you do not want those items to be created in your Heartland Retail account at all.

Each issue will have the option to skip or resolve. You will want to resolve the error to allow the item to sync to Heartland Retail. For instance, if the error was that Default Cost was missing, you could click the Resolve link and enter in the default cost of the item, then click the Resolve button. That error line should then disappear as it has been resolved. Once all items have been resolved or skipped on the import, it will continue. It then will notify you how many items have successfully been created along with a link to view those items.

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