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How to hide item cost and margin information from certain users
How to hide item cost and margin information from certain users
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Do you need to control which of your Heartland Retail users have access to an item’s cost and margin information?

If you navigate to Settings > Roles and click on one of your existing roles, you will see the following switch on the role page:

(Not using roles and permissions in Heartland Retail? Head on over to this article for more information about how that works.)

By turning off the ability for a user to view an item's cost and margin information, Heartland Retail will hide the following:

  • Any cost information and history on items and grids pages

  • The sold margin widget on the sales dashboard

  • Sold margin information from the customer history and customer dashboard

  • Cost information on the purchasing receipt and purchasing return pages

If you give your users permission to perform certain other sensitive functions in the system that require cost information, for example, inventory adjustments, these users will be able to see cost even if the "View item cost and margin information" is turned off. The same goes for viewing Purchase Orders.

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