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Setting up printed receipts and email receipts
Setting up printed receipts and email receipts
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Heartland Retail gives you flexibility over how you'd like the checkout process to work when it comes to receipts. This article will explain the options you have for configuring printed receipts and email receipts.

Configuring printed receipts

Auto-printing receipts

By default, each new station that you set up will automatically print receipts. If you don't want a station to automatically print receipts (for example, you may not want receipts to print on an iPad station using electronic signature and email receipts), you can easily set the switch below to the "no" position:

This switch can be accessed in two places: in the settings menu in the POS and on the station record (Settings > Locations > Station) in the master settings menu. Only users who are allowed to manage stations will see this switch.

Note: Even if you turn the switch to the "no" position, you'll still have an opportunity to print a receipt after each ticket is completed on the "Your ticket completed successfully" popup.

Receipt templates

By default, receipts printed from Heartland Retail will include your logo. You can upload your logo on the Settings > Company page. If you don't want your logo included on your printed receipts, email and we'll help you remove it.

You can configure a header/footer for your receipt on the Settings > Receipts page:

By default, we include your location name and location address on the top of your printed receipts, so anything you include in the header will be in addition to location name and address.

The footer is where you should add your return policy.

Itemized Gift Receipts

At the bottom of the Receipts > Templates window, you can choose to display item lines on gift receipts or invoices. If you turn off the DISPLAY LINES ON GIFT RECEIPTS/INVOICES toggle, item lines will not be displayed individually on the receipt or invoice, just the ticket number and date!

Configuring email receipts

Email receipts can be turned on on the Settings > Receipts page.

You can customize the email sender address and subject line of your email receipt however you'd like.

Note: The email sender address is the 'reply to email' but the email actually comes from Heartland Retail's domain and servers so the email shouldn't get bounced or flagged as SPAM (if you use a 'no reply' type or 'fake' email ) when it is sent to a customer. 

Once you enable email receipts, you'll have the option to email the customer after they have checked out with you.

In the POS, when you complete a ticket, the following popup will appear (and it will look slightly different depending on whether or not receipts are set to print automatically; in the below example, receipts are set to auto-print):

At this point, the ticket has been completed and a receipt has been printed. If you click the "Email Receipt" button, you'll see this popup:

If you had already added a customer to the ticket, as you can see above, their first name, last name and email address will auto-populate.

If you hadn't yet added a customer to the ticket, you can enter a new email, first name and last name from scratch and that will create a new customer record and save that customer to the ticket.

Important note: You are not yet able to email a receipt after the popup below has been dismissed, so if you want to email a receipt, make sure you don't click the "New Ticket" button too quickly.

Here's what an email receipt will look like in your customer's inbox:

Any questions or feedback about receipts? We'd love to know. Email us at

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