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Location Sales Sell-Through Metric
Location Sales Sell-Through Metric
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Heartland Retail's 'Location Sales > Sell-through' metric is calculated based on location quantity. It is the percentage of items sold compared to the amount available to sell.

It is calculated with the formula below:

Location Sales Net Qty Sold / ( Ending Inventory Qty Owned + Location Sales Net Qty Sold )

For example, if you sold 2 of a specific item today and currently have 10 on hand the calculation would be 2 /(10 + 2) which results in 16%. This means today you sold through 16% of the inventory you had available to sell. You can run this for any period you'd like. It is helpful to see and compare product performance in each store or across the retail enterprise and also by different product types. You might want to add Gross Margin and Gross Margin % metrics so you can concurrently see and compare product profitability.

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