Each brand that you order from in NuORDER needs to be connected

  • Login to NuOrder in the bottom left corner there will be a circle with your initials

  • Go to Edit Profile

  • At the bottom of the page there is a new contacts page, uncheck that and select page. Once you do this you should be able to follow the steps below to successfully connect your Brands to Heartland Retail

To connect a NuORDER brand in Heartland Retail, navigate to Settings > Integrations > NuOrder and you will see this page:

Click the “Add your first brand” button and you will see this page:

Next, type in a brand name in the “Brand Name” field. You do not need to set a specifically formatted value in the “Brand Name” field. However, we typically recommend that you just use the brand name as it is listed in NuORDER.

The “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” fields need to be generated via NuORDER. In another browser tab, log in to your NuORDER account and navigate to the Contacts > Companies tab. Click on the company name to reveal a menu on the right:

Next, under the "API" section, click the "Click here to manage your API access" link to view and/or generate your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

If you don't see your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, it means that you have to generate it. Click the "Generate" button to do so. After generating, you may need to refresh the page to see your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

Now, return to Heartland Retail and enter the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret on this page:

Click the “Add Brand” button, which will take you to this page:

Now, return to NuOrder and once again click on the “Click here” link in the API section of the Contact tab. This will bring you back to the API Management popup shown here:

You will see that Heartland Retail now shows up under the “Pending Applications” section. (Note that if you don’t see Heartland Retail listed here, you may need to refresh the NuOrder page and then it will show up.) Next, click the “Approve” button and you will see this popup:

Copy the code you see in this popup and paste it into this page:

Next, click the “Save” button. You should see that your brand has connected successfully!

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