The most effective way to manage consignment inventory in Heartland Retail is to create a custom field on the Item record. This will allow you to segregate regular versus consignment inventory in your sales and inventory reporting.

Here's the way we recommend you do it:

  1. Create a new custom field called "Type."

  2. Set the "Allowed Values" dropdown on the custom field to "Pick from a list."

  3. In the list, enter two values: "Regular" and "Consignment."

See the screenshot below for how you should configure the custom field:


We recommend that you make this new field a required field, to ensure that every new item created is marked as either a "Regular" or "Consignment" item.

After setting up a custom field, you need to update your existing items by exporting them into a spreadsheet, entering the appropriate "Type" values for all items, and then re-importing the file.

Once you have updated your inventory, you will be able to report on your consignment inventory in Dynamic Reporting by grouping on "Item » Type". This will allow you to determine, for example, how many units of consignment inventory you have sold in the period, or alternatively, how many units of consignment inventory you have on hand in your store.

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