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Selling more with the Customer Dashboard
Selling more with the Customer Dashboard
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The customer dashboard is a customizable selling tool designed to help you build more personal relationships with your customers and to help you make stronger selling suggestions while the customer is shopping with you.

You can access a customer's dashboard in one of two ways. One way is by going to "Sales" in the top navigation menu, then "Customers." From there, you can search for the customer you are looking for, click on their customer number, and you will be brought to their customer dashboard. The other way to access the dashboard is through the Point of Sale. After a customer is applied to a ticket there will be an icon next to their name. Clicking this will bring you to their dashboard (see image below).

A customer dashboard will show you key metrics as compared to the average customer for the last 12 months. The other information listed on the dashboard (pie charts and spend lists) are completely customizable and are based off of custom fields you have set up for your items.

To customize what information is reflected on the dashboard, go to "settings" in the top navigation menu, then click on "reporting" on the left menu bar. This is where you can customize which custom fields from your items show up in both the spend lists and the pie charts sections of the dashboard.

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